Alfardan Group has achieved a strong position among the leading family businesses in the region Alfardan Group was able to attain advanced levels of success and leadership on the business map, setting new standards that brought about a qualitative leap within the Qatari business community. The company is based on a solid structure based on the highest human and professional values ​​represented in achieving integrity, distinguished service and social responsibility. Today, the group is unique in providing the finest products and services designed to give customers an exceptional experience across many vital sectors and areas. Forward-looking thinking and dedication to work are among the main pillars of the Alfardan Group’s business methodology, which attaches great importance to making optimal use of the available growth opportunities and investing in them in the right manner that supports the process of economic development in Qatar, in accordance with the insightful vision of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani The Emir of Qatar, in making Qatar a model for progress and innovation in the Middle East and the world.