Qatar continued to top the list of the safest countries with the least crime, according to the crime index for the first half of 2020, issued by the World Database Encyclopedia (NUMBEO), among the 133 countries included in the evaluation. The Qatari Ministry of Interior said, on its Twitter account, on Sunday, that the index is based on the highest points of countries' ranking in terms of safety and security, and Qatar ranked first with 88.10 points out of 100. The official Qatar News Agency (QNA) stated that Qatar's lead in this global index is an extension of the advanced positions it achieved between 2015 and 2019. And she continued: "Where it achieved first place globally in 2017 and 2019, while maintaining the first position in the Arab world throughout the same period, which reflects the steady level that the state has enjoyed in the field of security and the significant decrease in the rates of committing crimes registered in the country." According to the classification rules followed by the index, the ranking of countries is in reverse, the country that occupies the largest number in the ranking of countries is the first in terms of security and safety, and Qatar is ranked No. 133, as the most secure country. The index is based on the lowest points of the countries' ranking in the level of crime, which ranked Qatar first in decreasing crime with a total of 11.90 points out of 100 points. According to the report, Venezuela is the least safe with 15.64 points. Since 2009, the Encyclopedia "Nambio" has issued its reports, based on measuring the crime rate in the countries of the world. The crime index is measured according to the laws of countries, as there are actions that are considered crimes in countries and are not considered crimes in other countries, which gives a real measure of the crime rate in countries, according to the laws applied in each country. The Encyclopedia of "Nambio" is one of the largest and most famous databases on the Internet in the world, which is concerned with evaluating the level of crime and the degree of safety in the countries of the world, by measuring the rates of premeditated murder, robbery, forced robbery, rape and others. Source: Anadolu news agency