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Our website address is: https://www.qatarstory.com.

Site Conditions
Qatarstory.com based on love and respect, never provoking or bullying others.
Everyone is free to express their opinion, but the meaning of freedom does not offend others, criticism is permitted, but with limits.
Freedom ends as soon as it becomes a path to hate, so it is forbidden to address anything that raises religious, racial, or political controversy.
The site’s language is English and Classical Arabic, and colloquial dialects are not allowed to be used except in comments provided that they are understood
Our resources are very limited, so be gentle with the management, there is great pressure on the staff, and they are all volunteers.
Our tendencies are humane, everyone is equal, we respect all beliefs and nationalities, and we do not allow them to be undermined or insulted.
Chat and side chats are only allowed in the site’s comments
Qatarstory.com is a private site. It is not a magazine, a forum, a blog, and there is no registration or membership
Comments are published after verification. Therefore, your comment may be delayed for a long or short period depending on the presence of the moderators