َQatari Police

The Qatari police force is considered one of the sensitive agencies in Qatar because of its effective role in the success of the development path. The Qatari Ministry of Interior has received great appreciation from inside and outside, thus making the Qatari police in its various branches the best Arab and international organization.

By Nadhem Sdiri

How To Find a Job In Qatar?

Many expats see finding a job in Qatar as a golden opportunity. Do it right and you could be in for an exciting international experience and a great salary with no tax. The helpful guide explains everything you need to know.

If you are thinking about finding work in Qatar, there are a few things you should know. This guide explains how to navigate the job hunt in Qatar and what you can expect from the process. It includes the following sections:

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Mzad Qatar

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Qatar gas

The history of the gas industry in the State of Qatar is a unique story of su​ccess for the country and its people.

In just over three decades, Qatar has managed to transform itself from a small oil producer to a well-placed, r​eliable, and dedicated global supplier of energy. Today, our country is th​e world’s largest LNG producer with a production capacity of 77 million tonnes per annum, and a leader in t​he gas industry.​

Qatargas has played a significant role in this transformation since its establishment in 1984. It has pioneered the LNG industry in Qatar, becoming the largest LNG producing company in the world; and with the dedication of its employees, Qatargas is further expanding its reach across the globe. The company continues to enhance relationships with clients and partners through LNG joint ventures with the most reputable International Oil Companies in Qatar.

As Chairman of the Board, I am pleased to note that the long list of achievements by Qatargas were not possible without adhering to the highest safety and environmental standards, coupled with the use of the cultural diversity of its manpower as a source of strength. The Qatari people and the employees of Qatargas should be very proud of what has been accomplished in such a short period of time.

We are indebted to His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar, whose support and guidance has inspired and motivated the success of Qatargas, enhancing the trust it has earned from its stakeholders.

We remain committed to safety in our operations and mitigating our environmental impact, as well as enhancing the reliability and efficiency of our production facilities, and maintaining our high level of operational excellence and flawless project delivery.

The significance of LNG as a fuel for the future has never been more prominent, and Qatargas looks forward to working with our partners and customers to bring this cleaner energy to industry and communities across the globe.​​

Source qatargas.com

Qatar Living

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ِAlfardan Group

Alfardan Group has achieved a strong position among the leading family businesses in the region
Alfardan Group was able to attain advanced levels of success and leadership on the business map, setting new standards that brought about a qualitative leap within the Qatari business community. The company is based on a solid structure based on the highest human and professional values ​​represented in achieving integrity, distinguished service and social responsibility. Today, the group is unique in providing the finest products and services designed to give customers an exceptional experience across many vital sectors and areas. Forward-looking thinking and dedication to work are among the main pillars of the Alfardan Group’s business methodology, which attaches great importance to making optimal use of the available growth opportunities and investing in them in the right manner that supports the process of economic development in Qatar, in accordance with the insightful vision of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani The Emir of Qatar, in making Qatar a model for progress and innovation in the Middle East and the world.